Forensic experts also help to resolve disputes fairly and timely.

• In today’s world people spend most of their time on digital and electronic devices (smartphones, laptops, iPads, and computers), digital information becomes more relevant in divorce cases. Social media, computers and mobile phones are playing vital role in divorce cases. These electronic devices are important because they contain the great source of digital evidence. It is not uncommon for clients to show up for divorce consults with call records, text messages, from a spouse or Facebook posts or any other digital data.

• The field of Family Law is responding to this increasing prevalence of digital information with the increased use of computer forensic investigators/experts. Our experts use forensic tools to retrieve digital information stored on electronic devices and also provide evidence finding and analysis report (65 B Certificate) with all the digital evidence that you can present it in court of law which help you to solve divorce litigation issues.

• Deleted data recovery is an important part of the Divorce & Legal Litigation Services.It has become as one of the most demanded/primary requirements for all the LEAs as well as private customers.

• Using different techniques and procedures which are approved by the court law we can explore and find potential evidence through the recovery of deleted data.

• With every one using social media and instant messaging, It has become & importent source in finding evidence which can be usedfull in divorce cases.

• Therefore, Social Media Applicatins are very important and contain the valuable and evidential value in digital investigation.

• We provide investigation and analysis of social media services like Facebook as well as instant messaging services like What’s App, Telegram, Line etc. with the proper forensic report.